About Us

Thank you for taking the time to read our About Us page. Bestselection sells T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for men & women. Our company is located in Northern Virginia outside of Washington, D.C.

 Like so many of us during the times of Covid, I had time to sit and think as I sheltered in place during those strange and uncertain times. In the past, I had always wanted to start my own business. And so, I figured now would be a good time as any. But hmmm…, what would I do, what sort of business could start. I wanted to to do something that I could work on from my home. Well being the creative type, I knew I like to express myself through artistic media. Then it hit me, custom T-shirts. I was a simple idea, but I knew this would take some research in finding a way to go about this. I have never really had much experience selling apparel or actually designing my own t-shirts or hoodies. It was an exciting endeavor none the less. I did some research on how to form my business with all the legal requirements and then Bestselection was created! It has been a lot of fun learning new things and getting the chance to create as this fuels my inner artist to recreate this creative energy with the digital pen.

When you wear a shirt or a hoodie with a clever message, meme or character it’s a way to let others get just a small glimpse of what your about or what you like. I would really like for anyone that visits my store to be inspired to express themselves in a fun an colorful way.

 I would love to hear your experiences past or present with your favorite apparel item that put you in a good mood when your wore it out in public. Maybe we could assist to re-create that feeling. Maybe wishful thinking. In the meantime, we have been having fun every step of the way and look forward to growing and making connections with our customers.